November 19, 2010

Good Finds at SM Department Store

So like I said or posted, I will post the good finds that I got in SM Dept. Store. TOMOH! There are good finds in SM Dept. Store. Here you go...

These are black wedges from Parisian.
DSC01392 DSC01391
I super love the detailing 'cos it's giving this army vibe, and they are so comfy! These wedges are perfect for my outfit.

I also got some accessories which I really adore. The first time I saw them, I told myself I'll buy these things big time! Here they are...

I fainted after seeing that necklace! It is so gorgeous in real life. Hahaha
And these rings, esp the feather ring! J'adore!

Bongga ng SM Dept. Store no?! I also bought harem pants from People Are People but I'll just take photos of it tomorrow, on Pauly's birthday party, wearing it.



jed said...

the shoes are awesome! wala nyan sa sm dito samin. tsk.. and the necklace is a killer, again wala din nyan sa sm dito. haha.. good finds! =)

I Am DollParts

Sharina said...

I'm running to SM Dept Store right now after typing this comment!!! :) Great finds! I super love the shoes + the rings!!

STARR said...

wow nice finds! I bet they look amazing on ;)