November 22, 2010

Pauly's 21st: "The Early Birds Who Love BIRDS"

So it was Pauly's 21st birthday,Sat Nov 20th at Attica (A-Venue). Ja, Sarines and I were the early birds. We were already there at 8:30 pm but the party was actually scheduled at 9pm. For the first time, we were so early. Hahaha.

With the burfday (birthday) boy, Pauly! Just like Jaja said, binata ka na Pauly! :]

So why did Pauly told us to go there at 8:30 pm instead of the real schedule which was 9pm?! The answer...

76836_1732665959456_1322732446_31953507_181717_n 75816_1732668679524_1322732446_31953514_5030669_n 148638_1732675919705_1322732446_31953528_2600706_n
for picture picture! Hahaha. "The Earlt Birds Who Love BIRDS" Jaja, Sarines and I!
"The Early Birds Who Love Birds" with the Burfday Boy, Pauly

And lots of pictures...

150524_169264809763509_100000399734239_422612_991923_n 73963_1732716640723_1322732446_31953648_1642915_n 148835_169259469764043_100000399734239_422480_6823248_n 75352_169260919763898_100000399734239_422514_218018_n

With "The Mag-syota"..


And we miss Day so much! We just made a proxy for her, a big glass of Margarita.

Miss you Day!

Oh well, bottom line is, I had fun. We had fun. Thank you so much Pauly! Happy Happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :]

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Alan Li said...

Love the outfit! You look very chic