November 17, 2010

Mega Walk at Mega Mall

Yesterday, Jaja and I decided to go to SM Mega Mall. Well, we were actually planning it since last week because we were about to attack Forever 21 because we need outfits esp shoes for Pauly's birthday party on Sat, Nov 20. So we went there and it was traffic 'cos it was holiday yesterday and the parking area was like fully booked! But we went to the 3rd floor of the parking area and we got a free spot.

top; thrifted/vest; thrifted/shorts; F&H/shoes; Pedro/bag; Memo 


So we went to Forever 21, we decided to take different ways and just meet halfway after finding the things that we needed. I went to the shoes section 'cos I was really aiming for those tan wedges. Well, guess what, it is out of stock! BUT, we saw another shoes at SM Dept Store! Black wedges and I super love them! We also got adorable rings. I'll create a post about those good finds for you guys to see them.WOW! Feeling madaming readers?! Hahaha. Oh well, I am so excited for Pauly's birthday party on Sat! I am so R-E-A-D-Y!!!


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KD faustino said...

wedges at SM? like boots? grabe na talaga ang parisian! lumelevel up na ha!