August 20, 2010

The Evolution of Man

I actually have this album in my Facebook account. Before I became a full pledge gay, I was this little CROMONSTER! CROMAGNON + MONSTER = CROMONSTER! But I'm not saying that I'm a beautiful swan now, but I can say that I'm a real human now. I mean I'm looking like a real human now than before. Hahaha.
Those curly hair,and that sailor shirt! SO GAY, I know!
I hate PINK! 
Looking like a chimp! Hahaha
CAPTION this!!! Spot the CROMONSTER in me! Hahaha
I really thank God, He never let this CROMONSTER be here on earth forever! Hahaha. I think I started to evolve into a real human when I was going to become a college student. Of course I evolve with my friends! Hahaha
My last year in high school. I really miss these girls.
America's Next Top Model is... WOW! I miss them too. Those days.
Picture 006
My "GURLIES". My BFFs. :]

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See?! I look like a real human now! See the evolution?! Hahaha. Next level of evolution, to become a real WOMAN! Chooossss! Hahahaha. And I am so excited for Philippine Fashion Week SS 2011. :]


ching said...

haha i should do an evolution of me too.
lovely post.

Zuzia said...

yeah, i see the evolution. haha! :D
love this post

*rachelwears said...

hehe sooo cute!

Janelle said...

hello.. filipino din ako but i now live in canada. i miss philippines! :) i love your shirt in that photo with your girlies. :)

come check mine out and hope you follow my blog din if you like it. thank you! we'll keep in touch. i get excited when i see other filipino bloggers. haha.

Raez said...

loved this post! you are a cutie through and through!

xx raez

Barbara said...

well i think you were cute as a pie!!

The October Issue said...

aww so cute,you haven't changed a bit!