August 18, 2010

Cherie Gil for CIRCUIT August 2010

Yeah! You read it right! It's Ms. Cherie Gil, the leader of all villains in Filipino TV drama, who's on the cover of CIRCUIT August 2010 issue. You see, Cherie Gil is like the Meryl Streep of the Philippines. JOKE! I'm just kidding! Hahahaha. But seriously, Cherie Gil is one the best Filipino actresses, esp in portraying a villain role.
Oh diba?! Achieve na achieve! Take her, she's free! :]
Channeling Lady Gaga with her studded/spiky bra! ANTOROY!

In all fairness to her, she really has a good body. Well, we all know it is edited and she's wearing these tights to suck those cellulites in, but she's still WERQing it! Nice one Sylvana, I mean Ms. Cherie Gil. :]

*Filipino readers, you should know who Sylvana is.


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

shes really beautiful!

ching said...

even in the cover she portrays villain! haha

Barbara said...

well she does have a beautiful body!

Sophia said...

that bra is so fierce

Grace said...

The lady is gorgeous!

Love Grace.