July 5, 2012

Coron, Palawan: The CORONation Experience - DAY 1

So I was in Coron, Palawan with my friends 
from Jun 21-23. We call it CORONation night! Hahaha. 
La lang, beki mode. :)) 
We stayed in Sunz en Coron, a beautiful resort/hotel. 
Puro foreigners kapit-kwarto namin. Ehehehe

We arrived in Coron at around 5pm 
so we decided to take our early dinner. 
We roam around the island using a tricycle, 
8 people ang kasya!!! 

I'm gaining weight. YEAY! :))

Our island hopping tour started the next day, 
8am in the morning. BTW, it was a 2-day island/lagoon hopping. 

Lez go!!!
My "girlfriends". Eeeew! Hahahaha
1st stop was Bulog Dos (ata. ehehehe). 
This place is amazing but we didn't enjoy it 
that much bec of those jellyfish swimming around the island. 

Can you spot those jellyfish?! Ehe.

Next stop was the Banana Island, 
where we really enjoyed the beach, 
the corals and different colored fish and our lunch. 
Of all the island we stayed, Banana Island was the best.

Our 3rd stop was Malcapuya Island.
We didn't enjoy this one as well bec 
we didn't see any coral or interesting sea creature.
Except for a huge jellyfish that stung Pauly's feet, yes, both feet!
And I saw that "kalerky" creature on his foot.
Don't worry, Pauly is still alive and walking. :))

Last stop was the most memorable, Banol Island.
Wanna know why?
Ask my friends! Hahahah :))
But seriously, this island is awesome!
It has a lot of interesting rock formations.

We felt AWE when we saw those rocks with plants.

Syempre inemote-an din namin ung mga rock formations.
And jump shots!!!

So there, for DAY 1 we had island hopping. 
We visited 4 islands, and Banana Island was the best!!!
It was really tiring but it was super fun.

Check out our Day 2, the LAGOON HOPPING...
maybe tomorrow or on Saturday... or Sunday. Hahaha 
In the meantime...WERQing it with a bunch of jellyfish!!!
Derma sa jellyfish maka-emote lang. Hahaha

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MacVB said...

Now, I miss Coron! :)