June 25, 2012

Print Overload

I'll be honest, I am not really into prints, especially those 
Kaleidoscopic prints. Ehehe. But look what I tried to mix. 

What I like abt prints is that it's really catchy, everyone will really look at you. 
Well I hope people in Coron liked my catchy printed outfit. Ehehe

At Kawayanan Grill in Coron, Palawan
top; Nuvali's Weekend Bazaar/ shorts; Forever 21/ flats; JellyBean/ shades; Mint

BTW, I'll post a blog abt our experiences in Coron, Palawan. 
You guys should go there and see how beautiful Coron is. :)


Anonymous said...

Why do you dress like a girl? You are a handsome man, and even if you are gay, I think you would look better with man clothes. Don't take me wrong, I like your blog and you seam really nice, is just a sugestion! Bye!

MacVB said...

Love the print on print :)