January 19, 2011

Sweet Revenge - REPUBLIQ

Remember my post No Republiq, Yes Attica? Last Saturday night, we did the revenge! We went to Republiq in Resorts World.

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Sad thing about that night, DSLR cameras are not allowed inside the bar but digicams are OK. And that is why our photos inside the bar are not so good. Ehehe. So digicam-ish!

P1000144 P1000142 P1000154 166870_1836650278999_1322732446_32163291_5288102_n
After the party, we went to McDonald's, as the ever the usual. And we saw some familiar faces that we met inside the bar. It was really funny 'cos it's like there was an after-party-party in McDonald's that time. Haha Anyway, bottom-line is we had FUN! No words can explain it, just photos! :))


Carla said...

Sad that I wasn't there :( and jaja daw was not feeling well. Di bale, paparty tayo!!! Revenge of the revenge!!!

-carla <3


you look great! nice pose though!

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

are slrs not allowed in most of the bars/clubs in the phils? coz guess what?! i'm visiting phils in april/may! hehehe.


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

sure thing, i just gotta get plan my schedule a little early. :) i'll let u know soon.


Fashion Profiles said...

I love the shoes... =) So much... I dint know DSLR's are not allowed inside... Dint try though coz its a bit bulky.... But yah... I love Republiq... All the beautiful people just flock there.... =)

Nice post! By the way, you inspired me to wear shorts... But just one... Wont do it again... HAHAHA!