November 28, 2010

No Republiq, Yes Attica

OK! So Friday night, we decided to go to Republiq. We were so prepared and we were like so willing to pay for the entrance fee. So we went to Resort World and we went inside Maxims and we were about to enter the bar, but the bouncers of Republiq didn't let us in. You know why?! Because of my outfit! They said that I'm wearing open shoes and I'm wearing a V-neck shirt, it should have collars. Strict much?! JS Prom?!

WARNING!That outfit is not allowed in REPUBLIQ! Hahaha

Well, of course we didn't want to spoil the whole night! So what we did was we thought of a bar which my outfit can fit in, a bar where we are so sure to be in. And then we thought of ATTICA. 
Mga SUKI ng ATTICA. 2 weeks in a row!

Last night was Friday Funky at Attica and we enjoyed the night with Megan Young, again! Yeah, she was there again! Hahahaha.

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Maghihiganti kami sa REPUBLIQ! Hahahaha. Anyway, Attica is so nice 'cos there's no entrance fee, dami pang pogi. At may "drama" pa, may mga away! Ume-Embassy teh! Lagi pang andun si Megan Young. :]]

Next Friday, Meg Face Search at Amber Ultra Lounge, Fort Bonifacio. See you there, party-bitches!

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