November 12, 2010

Now I Am Really FEELING It

I haven't checked my email like, 4 days now and I just had a chance to check it today 'cos I logged in. Obviously, that's why I have this post! Anyway, I got like 7 messages. I saw a message from Formspring, 2  from IFB, a message from my TL, 2 from Nuffnang and a message from MEGA Magazine's Media Relations Associate, Ms. Patricia Tan! I was really excited to open this message 'cos I know this is an invite or something to do with an event or they will choose me as one of Mega's cover for December! ECHOS! Hahaha. Well anyway, so I opened the message and I'm so right. It's a media invitation for the Launch of GEN M: Generation MEGA, The Mega Young Designers Competition 2011.


After reading it, I felt sad because the event happened last night, Nov 11! I was kind of disappointed, of course, because it was last night! But I realized if I'll go there I'll have a conflict with my job's sched which was 2am-10am. But if ever I read this invitation earlier or yesterday afternoon, I would've been there. PROMISE! Oh well, next time I'll check my email like every night of everyday of every week! Anyway, I want to thank Ms. Patricia Tan for the invite. Hope you'll send more invites whenever Mega will have an event. :]]

On the other side of my "ka-feelingan", when I read this email, I really felt like I'm a real "fashion" blogger now. I'm so happy every time I get email like this especially if it's about fashion. You know, I'm really a frustrated fashion savvy. Hahaha

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KD faustino said...

comedy ka! ahluvet!!!