November 9, 2010

Thing of the Day: Forever 21 Wedge Booties

I visit Forever 21's website once in a while, actually every time I go online, and I saw these new shoes they have. And ovcourse, those wedge booties caught, as in dead caught, my attention!

83689792-02 83689792-02 (1)

GYORGEOUS, right?! With the zipper detail on the side. PAK! I super liked 'em! WINNER!
Here they are in a normal photo. I mean in a real life photo. Ehehe


The only thing I worried about these booties is the color. My first wedges are also chocolate brown or tan or whatever it is, they have the same color. It would be better if it's black or grey? Ehehehe. But I still like it! I'm gonna have you little monsters!

SHOESGASM! I'm experiencing it right now, just looking at those photos!


KD faustino said...

gaaaah! loves it!

Anonymous said...

i cant find these shoessss onlineeeee uhhhhh do you know what store has em? what store were u in when u took this picture? hehehe

JoewardM said...

these wedges are from Forever21. try to go to their website :]
when i went to their store, they're out of stock already.
btw, i got the photo from F21's fb panpage