September 13, 2010

Layer Over Layer

I really like the idea of layering, layering your clothes and your accessories. Especially for my case, I can't wear just only one piece like dresses and romper, but I am thinking to try romper! Anyway, for this coming season, layering will be a trend, I think. I saw these photos from and I really fell in love with the styling esp with the necklaces, on how they were layered.
TheSkinny_LuxeBaubles (1)

I super love those boots! The styling is really great. I hope these pieces are available at F21 SM Mega Mall. I am so excited to go there and buy some marvelous things!


ching said...

i so agree with layering being awesome! haha

Grace said...

You can almost never find the jewelry in the physical store. Bummer. But those boots are available! I just got them. And a big fan of layering. I started wearing like four necklaces at a time last summer and people thought I was crazy.

Love Grace.

Clara said...

amazing post.
love it

STARR said...

Love layering! I want to get into layering with jumpsuits

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

i love layering. but wouldn't that be too hot in the phil? lol.