September 18, 2010

Jaja's 22nd: That's FUR Sure!

It was Jaja's 22nd birthday, Sept17! Ja said that we should wear something fashown on her birthday because she'll be wearing a tutu skirt, and she did. I don't wanna mess her birthday so I thought of my fur vest, I decided to wear it. PAK!
with the Burfday Gurl! La Tutu et La Glamour Pers!
the controversial FUR! charot! Hahaha
top: Lexington Indonesia/pants: thrifted,repaired, G2000/shoes: Pedro/fur vest: thrifted,gift
I know how you feel right now while looking that vest on me! TIIS GANDA!
Anyway,we had a dinner at Leslie's Restaurant Alabang and it was really sumptuous. I was so shocked with the food all over the table. It was like FOOD = FAT everywhere
whoooaaa! FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!
that was my plate there! TIMAWA?! Hahaha

And the best thing about Ja's birthday, just like my birthday, we were so complete!
my "Gurlies". We are all GORGEOUS, right?! just say YES! hahaha


And of course, with Pauly, we were super uber complete! These timer shots are so nice. Hahaha

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Happy, Happy, Happy (I know you're HAPPY) Birthday Jaja! WE ALL LOVE YOU! :]


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

aw, you guys look awesome. fab :)

ching said...

everyone is looking fab!


april ocampo said...

super like :)

jaja chua said...

love it. even april commented! wow guijo

JoewardM said...

i know! that was like the most FAB-OH birthday. :]

dollparts said...

love your fur vest! =)

Anonymous said...

looks fun and fab :)

Fashion Profiles said...

Happy Birthday to your friend! =) I loved the tutu skirt and the furry vest... But PETA will be running after you for sure... I just wish your fur vest is synthetic... HAHAHA!

I love the photos! You all look good... And I think you did a good job in having fashown clothes!

kirstyb said...

fabulous x

Grace said...

What a fun party! Love your look.

Love Grace.

Zuzia said...

looks like you've had a great time :) love your outfits.

popdisorder said...

love your pants