September 12, 2010

WOW Filipinos: Charice & Kiko Rustia

I'm not a fan of Glee but I like some of their songs, the versions that they did. But because Charice is in the cast of season 2, I think I'll be watching this series more often now.

This is it na talaga for Charice! She really is on the show! PAK!

Do you know Kiko Rustia?!He was one of the first Survivor Philippines castaways. And now, he is one of 20 faces that won in Benetton's online search, "It's My Time". BONGGA diba?!

Nice one!

Good JOB guys! You really make us proud! :]


ching said...

i'm excited for Glee. and for Charice. weee

Anonymous said...

i didn't watch season 1 but i try watchin' now the whole season to catch up season 2 just because of Charice in it..but I found myself indulged on Glee... it is just reasonable this series got 19 Emmy nominations... I bet rating of this show will be massive especially on asian viewers and hopefully Charice will be regular cast on Season Naya Rivera (Santana) ---iceG_official

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

wow, congrats to that guy, kiko.! i've been a fan of charice.. so sad i missed her tour with david foster and friends here in vancouver. hope she comes back. haha!! and yes, i'm excited for charice in glee!