August 28, 2010

Elmo at Sazi's

Last night, Aug27, I was at Sazi in Espanya Blvd. Manila with Jaja and April. We were there because we heard that a good line of bands will perform and yeah! Hahahaha. Anyway, I was not prepared with that one and my clothes were in Laguna so I decided to wear this big shirt with an Elmo print.
I'm so sorry, I was not prepared. I still WERQ it though. No? Haha

I know my high school batch mates know this juniors-Elmo shirt, because it was our batch shirt when we were third year high school students and we used it in our Intrams. It was like our team shirt! Hahaha. See? I was really not prepared last night!

The place is like Saguijo except that it's beside the main-road and it's not an "exclusive" venue for gigs and there are sits and tables and its name is Sazi's which really bothers us. Actually, it was my second time there and before it was Mayrics and I don't know why the management changed its name to Sazi's. But the bands that they present are still good though.
I like this shot. And the pants of that guy in green.

But we were early birds, we were already there at around 9pm and the band that we were waiting to play performed at 12am. We were awarded "Sazi's Early Birds". And because we were early birds, we thought of just having our dinner and we ate at Shakey's Espanya.
Happy much?! Jaja, April and mois.
This mouth piece app is really funny! It really opens with your mouth. COOL!

Sazi's has this gutter like in Saguijo but it's beside the Espanya Blvd. But we still sat there like what we do in Saguijo.

I actually had fun especially after meeting this special band. Hahaha

Later tonight we will be at SMX Convention Center in Pasay for ARTROPOLIS.

This time I'll be wearing some decent clothes, I guess. See you there! :]


Janelle said...

party!! :) i remember going to clubs/bar there.. it's very very different in here. haha!!

Lee Oliveira said...

Loving those photos too.
I like the simplicity of it..

Wynne Prasetyo said...

your shoes are awesome!

ching said...

the Elmo print is so cool.
the joy of sitting on the sidewalk streets with my friends is a blast. :D

Nemerae said...

The necklace you see on my military dress.. was part of it :) cool rolled chains haha
Love your tee!!

Alan Li said...

Your shirt is adorable and your friends are so cute!

Ctoonz said...

i think this style is so aggyness deyn and i love it!

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