September 8, 2009

I was a HOST

Yeah!Hahahaha. Allan and I were the HOSTS last Sept. 03 of ChES Idol.

with Kay, the 5A representative :]

That was my first ever hosting career BIG TIME! Hahahaha. Actually I had fun hosting that event and I hope the audience had fun too. I would love to host an event or contest like that one again. Hahahaha.

Patty's ChES Idol 2009


stephanie jacinto said...

you did great gurl! :)

Wilberchie said...

5B kya si Kaye gurl!

Anyway! so proud of you!

joeward said...

ay oo nga.sorry sorry.hahaha

joeward said...

thanks gurl :]
upload mo na ung mga photos.ay.haha