September 9, 2009

Project Runway USA (UPDATE) Ep.1 & 2

I was searching the episodes in YouTube and I didn't get full episodes. Anyway, Project Runway USA is on its Season 6 right now and I don't know if it's still the Project Runway that we all love. Wow!hahaha

Episode 1 was entitled Welcome to Los Angeles and the challenge was to create a dress made for a red carpet event with the designer's own statement. This is like the usual challenge for first episodes, creating a garment inspired by their vision or character as a designer. Lindsay Lohan was one of the judges and I don't know why she's one of them. Hahaha. So, for this episode Christopher Straub's garment won and the one I also liked.

I also liked Gordona and Nicolas.

And the one who was first eliminated, Ari.

Obviously,this is not a red-carpet-garment-material.

Episode 2 is about maternity dress. Rebeca Romjin was there as a guest judge since she's pregger! Shirin's design was the winner.

I also liked Carol's design.

Malvin was eliminated.

I'll update you with episode 3 next time. Hahaha.

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