April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Sunday!

First and foremost, wow, I said that I'll be back on Monday but instead I made it right now. Hahaha. It's Easter Sunday today! Happy Easter Sunday! :]

Anyway, from Wednesday to Saturday, four days inside our house and all I did was watching the TV particularly FTV. Yeah I know, FTV is like the gay-est cable channel and I really love it. Haha.
Etc is also a great one. Love Tyra Show, TMZ, and Chelsea Lately. Yesterday, Black Saturday, I watched Ghost Whisperer Season 2 Martahon on Studio 23 and mind you, it was from 10am to 6:30pm. It's crazy, right?!Hahaha. But I love that show,it's a great series and I love Jennifer Love Hewitt,I'm a fan! I know, all I did was watching the TV!Heheh.

Well I know I didn't spend my Holy Week solemnly but I did fasting and I didn't use the Internet for four days.These are the sacrifices I did, I think. Hehehe. Simple sacrifices but I know He'll appreciate it. OMG! I really miss blogging a lot! And of course the use of Internet!

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