April 12, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 (UPDATE)

This episode of ANTM is not exciting for me because there was no photo shoot. I really don't like the episodes of ANTM where in the girls will make commercials. I just don't feel it.

Anyway, Natalie and Aminat had a fight again. They really hate each other. But I'll go with Natalie.Hahaha. Paulina taught the girls some acting skills. I didn't know Paulina knows how to act and I think the girls didn't learn anything. Hahaha. Clay Aiken was also there for the challenge and as the ever usual, he was so gay. Hahaha.The challenge was to use what they've learned from Paulina and apply it with Clay Aiken on stage. By the way, Clay was also in the panel with the judges. My dearest London won the challenge and she got a dashing $5000 worth of clothing, but unfortunately, she's gaining so much weight and some of the clothes didn't fit her and so she gave some of it to the girls. Hahaha. Tsk tsk. Don't you worry London, you're still my dearest girl.

They did a Cover Girl commercial and they were divided in to two groups. Allison, Aminat, Celia and Teyona in Group 1; London, Tahlia, Fo, and Natalie in Group 2. In Group 1, I liked Celia's, she's the most beautiful in that group and she knows how to act. And because of that, she has the best commercial. Allison and Teyona are so weird. Hahaha. Aminat is so in the hood,girl!But she's so tall!
In Group 2, Natalie is the only one I liked, even London is not good in that commercial. Fo and Tahlia is like the worst.

Allison and Tahlia were in the bottom two and it was Tahlia who was eliminated. I think she was eliminated because there's no confidence in her commercial and Tyra said that the camera loves her but she don't love it. I think that was a good decision because Allison is more modelish than Tahlia.

OMG!There are only 7 girls left. Who will be the next one to be eliminated?! I hope it will be Aminat. Ooops.

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