April 13, 2009

Insomnia - Wheesung

This one is obviously a version of Insomnia in Korean and sang by Wheesung. He's not cute, I know, but he's so good. Hahaha. I like this version of him even though I can't understand the lyrics, good thing there's a translation in this video. I don't know if he's popular in Korea but I think he is, he looks popular and I think he'll be more popular because of this song. Actually he reminds me of Rain but of course, Rain is much much hotter than him. Hahah. And Rain is like doing some international recordings and all.

If you're going to ask me which version is better, I think both versions are great but I can't understand Wheesung's. That's my only problem. Hahaha. But both versions are really,really, absolutely, no doubt, make me dance. Hahaha.

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