April 19, 2009

Exciting, Fun & Enjoy PIChE Summer Outing '09

Today,PIChE-JCL had a summer outing at Club Manila East in Taytay,Rizal, and because I'm a member and a Board Member of PIChE, I was present! :] But of course! Hahaha.

I was the host, actually, it should be I and Allan but he didn't come so I was left alone.Hahaha. Well obviously, I was a shy-type and tensed. Hahaha. I was also in the Black Team but we didn't win any games. Hahaha.

Club Manila East offers many facilities and they're really great and fun to try!

They have kayaks,beach waves, ocean waves, and high diving thing.I don't know what they call it but it's really great! Actually there's also a big slide and we also tried it but we don't have any photos. I don't know. Hahaha.

Well obviously, we enjoyed kayaking a lot, as in a lot!

And mind you, I was in tank top!Hahaha. Actually it's Donald's muscle shirt. Hahaha.

Please apologize my hairy underarms. Hahhaa.


Wilberchie said...

wala nman yung inaabangan ko! Che! Wahahahha!

stephanie jacinto said...

uuui. parang mganda nga dyan sa club manila east ha?!
aba, aba, aba.. nandyan cla patty and laisa? wow!:D