April 28, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 (UPDATE)

We have the Top 6 now and they went to Brazil! I want to visit Brazil. Hahhaa. Anyway, they met the host of Brazil's Next Top Model, Fernanda Motta.

Fo and Natali won the challenge and they won a pair of Havainnas with crystals on strap. I thought they'll have a pair of Ipanema since the challenge was to give flowers to the girl who sang The Girl from Ipanema. Anyway, Aminat was really pissed off with Natalie again. She's just jealous because Natalie won the challenge and they didn't. Haahaha.

Next challenge was converting the art of Capoeira into a good photo. Fo won the challenge and she was given 50% extra frames and she chose Teyona to lose 50% frames. She took a revenge because Teyona didn't choose her on the last challenge. Hahaha. Fo really knows some competition. Hahaha.

For their photo shoot, they embodied Carmen Miranda who's a Brazilian icon. Allison's photo was the best and it's really the best. I also love Allison's photo. Teyona's photo is also great because she is really great. Hahaha.

Aminat and Natalie were in the bottom two but it was Natalie who was eliminated. I hate it! I like Natalie,it should've been Aminat! Hahaha. Oh well, we have our top 5! Teyona, Allison, Fo, Celia and yeah, Aminat! Hahaha. My top 3 are Teyona, Allison and Celia. I'm so excited for the next episode.


stephanie jacinto said...

uy! gotta watch this one! hehe :)
miss you bkla! kawindang ung exprience mo don sa airport.. e jusme pnkita mo sken yang passport na yan e.. mukang maho2ld ka nga.. hahaha :))

stephanie jacinto said...

nako! Natalie got eliminated. even if she's cocky and all! ganda nia kaya.. wla lang.. last bet ko si Allison!! haha.. teyona xe msyadong mgaling e.. :D

Patrick said...

ei carmen soo!!! joke
hehe malaysian Boy ka na ulEt!!!

laizatot said...

wah!! ako din steph c allison fave ko eversince tlga.haha, weido ng muka nun eh nuh...wah, c fo ntnggal n...nku sna c allison mnalo!!!

joeward said...

steph: sinabi mo pa!nakakaloka talaga!hahaha

pat: wow!malaysian boy!Hahah.pero actually!haha

laiza: si teyona na yan!Hahaha