May 2, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 (UPDATE)

We only have 5 girls remain in this episode and it was the go-sees challenge. Go-sees is like the biggest challenge for all the girls. This can make or break their career as a model. So with their go-sees, they met Paulo Borges. With all the girls, it's really Teyona who will nail this challenge,and she did.I knew it from the start. Hahaha. She manage to book all three of her go-sees. I'm not also surprised when Allison didn't make it because of her runway walk. She can't walk like a model, but she really has FIERCE photos! For Celia,her age was a problem for the designers while Fo didn't book any of her go-sees. They were both disqualified for being late.

For their photo shoot, they strutted on a crowded beach in a swimsuit. I like this photo shoot because it's "summery". Hahaha.

Once again, Teyona got the best photo.

She really deserved it. :]

Allison's photo is also a great one, as well as Aminat. I don't know but I like this photo of Aminat.

Celia and Fo were in the bottom two.

But it was Fo who was eliminated and it's so obvious why. Look at her head, she doesn't have a neck in that photo and her face is not FIERCE. But she has a great body!

Four girls remain and the Finale is coming near! I'm so excited for the Finale! :]


stephanie jacinto said...

ANTM cycle 12 winner is so predictable already. it'll be tenoya. :D

joeward said...


laizatot said...

putek...wah pwedeng c allison na lang??haha, allison ako ng allison dito eh nu...ay ang gnda ng butt ni allison hir a...d ko ineexpect may pwet pla xa.haha..GO ALLISON!!!