March 6, 2009


Yeay!The ANTM Cycle 12 Episode 1 2-hour premiere is already uploaded in Youtube and I've seen it!The theme of the opening was Greek Goddess and Tyra was the Goddess of FIERCE!Hahaha. It sounds funny but yeah,she's the goddess of Fierce. Anyway, the 13 finalists were Celia Ammerman, Teyona Anderson, Aminat Ayinde, Tahila Brookins, Kortnie Coles, Nijah Harris, Allison Harvard, London Levi, Sandra Nyanchoka, Natalie Pack, Fo Porter, Jessica Santiago and Isabella Falk.
The girls walked their first runway show at Abaeté and headed to Central Park for their photo shoot and the theme was childhood games. The best photo was Allison's.

I don't think she has the best photo, I think it's London who has the best.

The first girl to be eliminated was Isabella. She was with Sandra in bottom two. Compare their photos.

Sandra's photo

Isabella's photo
For me, the one to be eliminated should be Sandra and not Isabella. Look at Sandra's photo, it's so boring and she didn't use any body language. But I'm not saying that Isabella's photo is great but I think it is much better than Sandra's.
Jessica's photo is also a mess and that's why she's in the bottom 3.

She used her body language but it has nothing to do with Jackstones. Sometimes Tyra is unfair in judging. Tsk tsk.

I must say, the first episode of Cycle 12 is a great one and the girls are really interesting. I can't wait for the next episode.

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Wilberchie said...

Agree ako, si London ang winner dapat! Bakala! parang post mo si jackstone gurl! whahhah!

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