February 14, 2009

"Valentine's Day"

This is the lighter side of my day.

So what if it's Valentine's day?Hahaha.Bitter?!Hahaha. Well, we call it Single Awareness Day!Hahaha. We all know that Vday is for lovers only, but not until Single Awareness Day was established. Actually I don't know when or who established it but it's a cool title.Hahahaha.

We (me,donn,rabbie,romar,farrah,nowee,berna) celebrated the Vday or SAD at Yellow Cab. Donn ordered the pizza and paid it for us. FYI, for 2 consecutive days, I ate lunch at YC because of Donn's generosity. That's why I love him so much. Hahaha. I think I'm being "user-friendly" here. Hahaha. After we ate pizza, we decided to eat dessert and Double Dutch is the best choice so we bought one. We ate the ice cream at Donn's dorm.

But you know what,our celebration of Valentines day made my day and that's why I'm OK now. Hahaha. As I have said, life's like that, suck it or it'll suck you!

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