February 10, 2009

Product Innovation Exhibit - Day One

It was so exhausting and so tiring but enjoy, especially when peoples appreciated our product (Tomato Ice Cream). Many students liked our Tomato Ice Cream but I'm pretty sure that some are just saying that it's delicious because they're at our both but I'm so uber sure that most of them were satisfied with our product.

Here is our poster and I made it. Hahaha

Presenting, the presenters. Hahhaa. Yours truly and Rabbie Lagrada

Most of the products that were exhibited were food and that's why many students went there to taste them. Some students are so PG, "Patay Gutom", they keep on tasting our sample products. Well I can't blame them, our Tomato Ice Cream is phenomenal.Hahaha.

We will have our Day Two tomorrow and this time, the judges are the officials of the university and some representatives of our sponsor from Rebisco Corp. Wish me luck guys! Waaaaaah.

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