February 3, 2009

1920s Parade

This coming Friday (Feb.6,2009) the opening of Engineering Week will be held and a parade will be conducted. Each department will have a theme based on an era like for us,we got 1920s. Actually I don't like the era of 1920s,it's like plain black-and-white,and plain is so boring. The outfit and the looks of the women in that time is kind'a creepy. Hahaha. I don't know but their looks scare me.

Look at this photos from Flickr:

I really don't know but look at their faces,they remind me of a horror film and ghosts. The make up is like for a ghost.Hahaha. Waaahhhh,they're so scary. Hahaha.

I thought of an outfit for myself and I don't know if I can pull it off, but of course it will not be a dress ha!Hahaha. It's like this one

or this ,of course the guy's outfit not the girl's.Hahaah.

This is for the girls,these are what 1920s dresses look like.

Look at those dresses, they don't compliment a woman's body. But it's a great outfit for a 1920s party theme and of course for parades. Hahaha

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