May 6, 2013


It was Apes' birthday celebration when his long time boyfriend, Pauly, proposed to her. 
Naloka kame lahat bec we didn't have any idea abt it.
 Pauly didn't mention it to us so we were surprised, esp Apes. 

She has no idea of what he will say and will do.
And then he proposed! Naloka kame esp si Apes. :]
And her answer . . .
Of course, it's a YES!!! :]
CONGRATULATIONS to both of you, Apes and Pauly. :]

O hello there kuyang matangkad! Ehehe
Mga table namin ni Sarins, Jeff and Devon. Hahahaha
And it became a highs chool reunion. It was really fun! :]
Couple shirt kame ni Pauly. Hahaha
Apes' birthday cake. Super nice and really yummy cake! :]

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