February 11, 2013

I Was in Baguio - Day 1

Last week, me and my friends went to Baguio and guess what, it was my very first time to go there. Eheheh.
We were in Baguio for 2 days. Super bitin sya! We left Manila at 2:30am and we arrived in Baguio at 9am. The trip was really tiring but it was fun. When we arrived in Baguio hindi sya ganun kalamig. I was expecting a temp of like 9 or 10 degrees (in Celsius), pero hindi e, kineri kasi sya ng dress ko!!!

Dress by Jaja Chua. This is what I was wearing, kering keri yung temp! Ehehe
Kaloka yung LION, mukhang MONKEY!!! Hahaha

 We were so hung when we arrived in Baguio. Ayun, we ate at 50's Diner.
In fairness, their serving is so big and the price is affordable and the food is yummy!!!

Since 1pm pa yung check in namin sa hotel, we decided to visit Burnham Park. 

I'm not pretty sure what we were looking at in this photo but Sarins seems so excited. Ehehe
Syempre we tried it too.

The hotel that where we stayed was really amazing! 
Ang ganda at lakas maka-ALTA! Our hotel was Azalea Residences.

Ayun, we took a rest bago kami sumabak sa next stop. Hulaan nyo kun saan!!! Ede sa SM Baguio. Hahaha.

But of course I had to change my outfit, sayang naman e.
beanie; Penshoppe/ top; Oxygen/ boots; SO Fab!

After SM Baguio, we went to Baguio market to buy food for our dinner. 
Chef Cathe cooked our delicious dinner. Kalerki!!! Ang bongga nung niluto ni Cathe, promise!!! 
Anyways, we also visited some Ukay-Ukay or thrift shops. Baguio is also know for Ukay-ukay, but unfortunately we didn't find and buy anything. Hahaha.
Our first day was really tiring but it was fun. At maraming effect sa Baguio ha!!! :]
To be continued.... DAY 2!

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