April 24, 2012

Tribu Sole Initiative Upcycled Footwear Launch

This summer, Tribu will add new picks to its product line with the launching of  
Tribu Sole Initiative Upcycled Footwear at Casa Nami Surf Pub in 
Jupiter St., Makati City on April 17. The event was full of people from press and media. 
Kalayo band was there to perform and I have to say, they're good! 
Their songs are very good for summer vibe, I think it's nice if we'll see them 
perform in Boracay or Puerto Galera. Hehehe. Food and drinks were overflowing. 
It was a fun event! BTW, I didnt get the name of the host of the event, 
I think he's a radio DJ, he's cute infreshness! Hahaha. 
And I would like to thank Ms. Faith dela Cruz and Ms. Ayla Soria for the invite! :)

Thanks for a pair of Upcycled Sandals, TRIBU!! :)
Anyway,  let's go to the product. What's Upcycling?!  
Upcycling is the process of transforming or re-processing discarded or waste materials, 
without downgrading or destructing their composition, into new products 
of enhanced quality or higher environmental value.

Since Tribu has been actively supporting environmental awareness 
and conservation for years now, the upcycling approach became the premise 
of the latest product creations, as the brand ventured on using used 
and discarded rubber tires to produce trendy footwear. 
Here's a pair of Upcycled Sandals courtesy of, of course, Tribu.

The soles are from rubber tires. Ang galing, diba?! Hehehe. And it's comfy!!!
Tribu Upcycled sandals come in various designs and colors fit for 
outgoing and adventurous fashionistas. Apart from guaranteed craftsmanship and quality, 
the brand offers nothing but comfort, durability and functionality among its users. 
And while each pair of sandals is carefully handmade, the added-value extends 
to the fact that disposed rubber tires were saved for re-use, thus, 
the reduction in tire dumping practices, and decrease in the consumption 
of fresh raw materials in developing new footwear. 
O diba?! May Tribu kana, nakatulong ka pa sa environment! :)

So hurry and grab the latest summer fab-finds by Tribu Upcycled available in Tribu outlets nationwide which includes Chris Sports, Toby's Sports, Olympic Village, Royal Sport House, and all leading dept stores in the country. For inquiry, you may call (02) 553-4444 or log on to www.tribuoutdoors.com.


kirafashion said...

it must be confortable, like that! :D

filipino girl said...

I like your fashion girl. You know what's good thing about filipinos they are petite, no matter what clothes they gonna put on, they always look appealing!