April 14, 2012

MEGA Fashion Crew 2: Turning Backstage Into the Front Stage Once Again

After the success of its first round last year, MEGA, the
Philippine’s best fashion magazine, is looking once more for the creative minds who can
shape the stage for the future of fashion.

MEGA Fashion Crew, the first fashion reality show of its kind, returns to pay tribute to the
different talents who piece together not only shoots for magazine layouts, but also completes
the looks for commercials and runway shows.MEGA continues in its goal to bring together
the most talented individuals who will innovate the industry, turning all their efforts into
works of art.

From the hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, fashion stylists, to the model, MEGA
is again on the lookout for the newest and best trendsetters that could revolutionize their
respective fields in the industry.

Flaunt your talent and prove that you deserve to be part of MEGA’s next top fashion crew!

Join now by registering on MEGA’s official website, MegaStyle.ph.

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