August 27, 2011

FaDAL : Dear Manang, I Love You

This was the last event I attended to. It's the launch of a fashion film entitled "Dear Manang, I Love You", a film by Matthew Valeriano written by Ehiacinth Miranda with music from Lintech under Versa-Vise Productions. Styled by Eric Poliquit and photographed by Enzo Mondejar, hair and make up by Nina Dumpa, accessories from OS and wardrobe from Paradigm Shift. OH DIBA?! FULL FORCE!!! It was held at 7th High in Bonifacio High Street.

For those who didn't come,here's the trailer. ANTOROY ni Manang, PROMISE!!!

The film editors

Enzo and Eric

The trio of OS

The duo of Paradigm Shift

And of course, this event will not be complete without the PARTTEEYY!!!
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And of course, some outside-group-pics. Ehehehe
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May pahabol pa... :]
Hi PAULY!!! :]

It was a night of fashion and creativity and wonderful ideas. Each and everyone who attended the event was really amazing! And the film, BRAVO!!! But sad thing was, the star of the night, MANANG, was not there. TEAR!!!

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