July 18, 2011

SuperSale Bazaar

So last July 15, before we attended the tequila launch party, Pauly, Apes and I went to The Rockwell Tent to visit the SuperSale Bazaar. There was a lot of choices and good stuffs! I was not prepared that time so I didn't have enough money to buy some amazing things like wedges from Das and Five by Five. The wedges from Das are really amazing, PROMISE! Anyway, here are the things I got from the bazaar.

2 shirts from Rex Clothing
P1000502 P1000508
I like the cross thing design, parang Lady Gaga lang. Hehehe. And the quality of the shirt is amazing, tsaka comfy sya. Thanks pala kay Rex for the discount. Hahaha

I also got some accessories. I forgot where I got them pero they're so nice and the price is amazing! Ang mura lang.

Sayang hindi ako nakabili ng tops tsaka wedges. Like I said, I was not prepared. TEAR! Tsaka the bazaar was upto July 17 lang so tapos na sya. Hahaha. Anyway, I realized, OK din naman pala magpunta sa mga Bazaar. AY! Ehehe


April Ocampo said...

Let's do it again next time! I'll give you updates :)

Marella Ricketts said...

Your blog's so cute!! i love the accessories you got!
xx, Marella

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the purchase!
Please like our fan page at facebook: Rex Clothing

We're glad you liked our designs.
We will be having more in the coming months.
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Rex Clothing