July 27, 2011

My Birthday Night Out

So it was my effin' birthday!!! JULY 23!!! YES! Another year added to my age! Anyway,  we celebrated my birthday last night! Super enjoy yung sa Attica! As the ever the usual. Attica is like the best last resort if you want to go for a good partying! Wait, before the story, outfit post muna.

Hype this look http://lookbook.nu/look/2187917-Stars-of-the-Night

Well, bago kami nag-Attica, we had a dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. The original plan was to eat at A Veneto Napolli Pizzeria. Eh super jam-packed, daming tao! We saw CPK, the place is amazing tas wala pang masyadong tao, so pinag-desisyonan na namen dun. 
CPK's menu is amazing, esp their pizza! YUMMY! and for the pasta, Kung Pao is my favorite.

Eto ka, they gave gifts! Tas syempre may eksena ng gift-giving.
Ja, Sarins and Jun gave my this Angry Bird tumbler and an owl-pendant-necklace.
April and Pauly gave me this knitted top from Oxygen

And my reaction...
rxn1 rxn2
Obvious bang nagustuhan ko yung gifts?! Hahaha

After that sumptuous (WOW) dinner, we headed to Attica for the real PARRTTEEEYYY!!! Dumating kami dun 10pm,syempre it was too early for party time so tennga muna kame. But at around 11:30pm, Attica was like a room full of people. Sobrang daming tao! At syempre boys!
With my gurlies! Day, we super uber miss you! :[
It's not obvious that I had fun. Ehehe
Party ba kamo?!

My birthday celebration was a blast! Super thank you, guys! I really appreciate the gifts and the whole birthday celebration. Ehehehe
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Thank you oh so much! :]

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saj said...

thanks for the comment and happy belated birthday!