February 12, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Day Party

I know, haven't updated my blog for a while. I was kinda busy this past few weeks because of the changing of my schedule. Anyway, last night, we went to two parties. The first one was the "pool side" party at Diamond Hotel. I don't have any photos from that party because Pauly has all of the photos in that event. I'll post some when Paul uploaded it on Facebook.

office attire?! uhhh!

Well the second party that we attended was in Attica. I know, it's like I am always in Attica, right?! Hahaha. But you can't blame me, the vibe in Attica is really, as in really, FUN! Nice music, lots of people and most esp cute boys, actually, HOT GUYS! Hahaha.

look at my face! hahaha
we are so missing a "gurlie"!

I'm not sure if those parties are pre-Valentine's Day parties, but I think they were because I saw lots of couples hugging and caressing all night long. UHHH! ay, BITTER?! :] Haha

BTW, like I said, or typed or whatever, I'll post the "Pool Side Party" at Diamond Hotel after Pauly uploaded the photos on Facebook. I so love our photos in that event, but not the event! UHHH! Hahahah

Oh, before I forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONN! :]