December 21, 2010

We Love To Party: I Need Closed Wedges!

Friday, Dec 17, UST Paskuhan 2010 and Manor = WILD PARTY!

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We were all drunk and WILD! Believe it or not, most of them were first-timers, first-time to go to a bar and first-time to drink. I know! They're weird, we are weird! Hahaha

Oh by the way, I just want to share something I got from Primadonna. Actually, me and my friend are arguing if these shoes are espadrilles or not. Hahaha
165667_184538534895280_100000174041659_736886_1392650_n 165623_474083512042_610687042_5915024_6975361_n

So the $350M question, are they espadrilles or just some normal flats?! And yeah! I super badly need some CLOSED wedges, SUPER!


Anonymous said...

i will answer the 350 M dollar question, its not espadrilles nor plain flats because its Toms :) naks yaman .... miss you owad - day :)

roent dune said...