December 3, 2010

Ukay Ukay Good Finds

So me and my workmates went to Ukay-ukay or thrift shop, para sa mga syala jan, thrift shop! Anyway, it was new arrival season and I got some good finds.

DSC01429 DSC01431
G200 Pink
Printed Leggings by Giordano
Cape by Giordano CONCEPTS
I don't know if this is a dress or a jacket but I love eettt!
V-neck shirt with lightning by Anonymous. Hahaha

I actually missed going to Ukay or thrift shop. I love going to Ukay 'cos there are lots of unique and interesting pieces there, one of a kind and fashown! :]

BTW, I just want to post this photo from Attica's Friday Funk.

Apes, Me and Pauly. WACKY?! Hahaha

Later, it's Meg Face Search. See you all later at Amber Lounge.


Sharina said...

I love the finds!!!
Where do you go for your ukay? :)

JoewardM said...

sa Tayuman station. ehehe