October 7, 2010

Some Things

*Sorry for the low quality of the photos!I still don't have a cam so I used my phone instead.

So I got my first ever salary, YEAY! And the first thing that I did, I went to Forever21 and bought the wedge boots that I was really craving for 2000 years.I got this chocolate brown wedge boots which was the last pair and I think these boots are really meant for me so I bought them immediately.

Image1999 Image2000

And I was really shocked because they really fit my feet and I never thought these wedges are really comfy. I super love them! They are my new babies now.

I also got these pieces at F21.

Image2011 Image2012

I was really surprised with their prices. You have to visit F21 at SM Mega Mall and you'll be surprised as well. I love F21! Forever21, super endorse ako ha! :]

And then I saw this grey cape-ish jacket in Blue Navy. At first I was hesitating to buy it because I was worried with its size but when I tried it, I said to myself "GO!".


I super love ett, the color, the fabric, the design. Uma-aura!

Next thing to buy, cam! Hahaha. I need accessories. And of course, a decent cam!


Grace said...

I love that cape! The color... :)

And can not wait to see the wedges!

Love Grace.

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

the last one is my favorite from all your purchases. :D shopping galore ka ha! he he.



Lovely post!!!