October 10, 2010

Sarina's Birthday Party: Day Off!

Today is Sarins' birthday but we celebrated it yesterday. We had it at Ja's place so we didn't do fashown and we were like "longkatuts"! It was a simple celebration like the old good days but it was really super uber FUN.

37212_158415050848485_100000399734239_366535_1762543_n 65868_158415077515149_100000399734239_366536_6316661_n

The Birthday Gurl! Happy Birthday Sarins! :]

Of course we did the timer shots!

66908_158415614181762_100000399734239_366541_5686124_n 67361_158416087515048_100000399734239_366554_2322303_n 66588_158416267515030_100000399734239_366560_5567838_n 37144_158416504181673_100000399734239_366567_4139947_n 37163_158416744181649_100000399734239_366573_1971263_n 59686_158416884181635_100000399734239_366576_4988150_n

They are the reasons why I don't need a girlfriend. I already have 4! :]


april ocampo said...

true love to teh! :D love et

mots said...

definitely. nice shorts btw. hehehe :)