August 6, 2010

Jeffrey Rogador for Philippine Fashion Icons 2010

Hey people of the Philippines and around the world!WOW! Just hoping some people around the world are reading my blog. Anyway, please vote Jeffrey Rogador for the Philippine Fashion Icons 2010. Here's the link:VOTE Philippine Fashion Icons 2010

Here's a post from the recent Phil. Fashion Week Holiday 2010 so you can have some ideas about his latest designs.


So let's start with Jeffrey Rogador's "Portrait of Peasants". I have to say, the clothes were so chic for peasants. I loved the shorts and that jacket with layer effects on the sleeves. I also loved this harem pants and this jumpsuit-ish wardrobe.
30808_1200389988206_1782241321_366570_6117534_n 30808_1200390348215_1782241321_366577_863853_n
30808_1200390788226_1782241321_366587_4583614_n 30808_1200390108209_1782241321_366572_6800720_n
I would wear that jumpsuit-ish piece,I swear!I super love it!
30808_1200390308214_1782241321_366576_670050_n 30808_1200390068208_1782241321_366571_1559586_n
He also put some women's wear, but I have to say, he is stronger in men's wear, though the dresses were cute.
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Guys!Filipino people and around the world, pls. VOTE for JEFFREY ROGADOR for Philippine Fashion Icons 2010.Thanks! :]


Wynne Prasetyo said...

I agree, he's stronger in mens wear. I can't wait for you to wear one of those outfits, you must look crazy amazing!

JoewardM said...

haha!i hope he'll give me one of those.haha.hi there Mr. Jeffrey! :]

jemina said...

Awesome collection!!! he is truly talented!!! xoxo

johanna said...

Uhh I liiiike this

jeffrey rogador said...

hi joewardM,
thanks for this blog.
i'll invite you to my upcoming shows & of course
you have to be at my spring summer 2011 show for philippine fashion week from oct.25-31.
jeff rogador

JoewardM said...

OMG! Thanks in advance Mr. Jeffrey! I'll be there for sure! I'm so excited. :]
your comment made my day! :]

martin g. said...

Great blog for a great designer, even that im not filipino i agree with what you say about the mens wear that he is strong in it ( and i do know it is fitting and feeling great when you wear it) But i also love the women wear he does and did design.( i must admit that i never tried those myself.. ;-)...god bless and enjoy his show when you go there

jeffrey rogador said...

thank you very much for the comments.
please do come to my pfw ss 2011
oct.25-31 2010.
jeff rogador

Anonymous said...

learned a lot