June 5, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 Day 4 (Jeffrey Rogador, Kermit Tesoro & Leeroy New, & Yako Reyes)


Unfortunately, I didn't attend day 3 and day 5 of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010. WOW!Kelangan buo talaga yung title?!Hahaha.

Anyway, day 4 was so tiring but it was so exciting! Super daming pasabog! It was not the best time for a show because it was 1:00 pm. But I was so lucky because I went at SMX and I saw some of the best collections of the fashown weyk!

I super adore the three collections of that 1:00pm show; Jeffrey Rogador, Kermit Tesoro & Yako Reyes.

So let's start with Jeffrey Rogador's "Portrait of Peasants". I have to say, the clothes were so chic for peasants. I loved the shorts and that jacket with layer effects on the sleeves. I also loved this harem pants and this jumpsuit-ish wardrobe.
30808_1200389988206_1782241321_366570_6117534_n 30808_1200390348215_1782241321_366577_863853_n
30808_1200390788226_1782241321_366587_4583614_n 30808_1200390108209_1782241321_366572_6800720_n
I would wear that jumpsuit-ish piece,I swear!I super love it!
30808_1200390308214_1782241321_366576_670050_n 30808_1200390068208_1782241321_366571_1559586_n
He also put some women's wear, but I have to say, he is stronger in men's wear, though the dresses were cute.

Let's go to Yako Reyes & Azur Lapis Lazuli. It was a strong collection and I really loved the bags esp those with stringy things/fringes. I loved the effect of those strings on the bags. I just love the idea of strings so those bags were winners for me!
30808_1200412628772_1782241321_366674_1486421_n 30808_1200422869028_1782241321_366697_6475551_n
Azur Lapis Lazuli sponsored the men's wear and Yako Reyes did the dresses and those fab bags.

And the winner of that 1:00pm show, the one who gave us the "KA-BLAM" and the "PASABOG", KERMIT TESORO & LEEROY NEW. I super loved the collection. We were like watching Alexander McQueen (RIP)/Lady Gaga in the HOUUUSE/Haute Couture. Define "PASABOG", siya na talaga!
30808_1200406908629_1782241321_366639_3764917_n 30808_1200398268413_1782241321_366602_2707385_n
And the shoes were banging! Those shoes are killers! BONGGA talaga!
30808_1200397948405_1782241321_366596_1607799_n 30808_1200398028407_1782241321_366598_4214182_n
And after seeing Kermit Tesoro in flesh, I said to myself, "crush ko na'to!". He's so cute and adorable. Yeah, I'm a fan and I crush him! Hahaha

BONGGA talaga ang AURA ng SMX Function Room 4 that time! Congratulations Mr. Jeffrey Rogador, Mr. Yako Reyes & Azur Lapis Lazuli, and Mr. Kermit Tesoro (my labs!ay.hahaha) & Mr. Leeroy New.


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for sharing this & for watching my show.
nice pics:)
jeff rogador

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for sharing this & for watching my show.
nice pics:)
jeff rogador

Anonymous said...

yako didn't design the men's wear. it was sponsored by Azur Lapis Lazuli :)He only designed the clothes of the 3 girls and of course all the fab bags :)

joeward said...

tnx mr. jeffrey rogador!:]
and your collection was great!we enjoyed it. :]

joeward said...

oooh!ok!tnx for that info. i'll update the post. :]
and the bags were really fab!

Anonymous said...

yup Yako collaborated by menswear brand Azur Lapis Lazuli to provide outfits for male models..however, he plays a major part in the styling and the decision in completing the looks. and yup Yako did all the six (6) not thee (3) womens wear..

Anonymous said...

yup yako reyes didnt design the menswear. he collaborated with menswear brand Azur Lapis Lazuli to provide clothes for all his male models.but am sure he played a ajor part in styling, sequencing and completing the loook of all male models.. however, he all did the six(6) not three (3) womenswear..although basic pieces but from the look of it..its all well made...

Anonymous said...

NO yako did not do the styling for men...