June 5, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 Day 4 (Alex Pigao, Michelle Lim& Dimple Lim)

After that BONGGANG 1:00pm show, we went to 2:30pm show: Alex Pigao, Michelle Lim & Dimple Lim, where in there were also "PASABOG".

Alex Pigao was the first one to give us the "PASABOG" (sorry!pa-ulit ulit?haha). I saw variations in this collection, from gown to short dresses to casual wear. And his craftsmanship was so amazing.
30808_1200423309039_1782241321_366705_2438718_n 30808_1200423349040_1782241321_366706_6405305_n
Oh diba?!BONGGA! I would wear that all black jumpsuit with Lady Gaga-ish headpiece. So cool eh,actually kahit yung headpiece lang. :]

Dimple Lim was next. And I'll be honest, her collection was my favorite!I would say, of all the three collections, her collection gave us some pieces that have the possibility to be seen in real life next season.And j'adore those cute dresses.
28508_1204334566818_1782241321_374616_5558958_n 28508_1204334366813_1782241321_374612_1121402_n
28508_1204334166808_1782241321_374609_7730092_n 28508_1204334326812_1782241321_374611_1100425_n
And this drop-crotch pants were so amazing! I would wear that!

Michelle Lim was the last and you can see in her collection that she really is a pro in the industry. From the cuts and draping of the dresses, she really knows her business.
TARAY diba?! And I loved that shining-glittering gown in the center. :]

SMX Convention Center Function Room 2 & 3 also gave us "PASABOG". I have to say, every collections that day was superb. Congratulations Mr. Alex Pigao, Ms. Dimple Lim, & Ms. Michelle Lim.

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