March 25, 2010

U Kiss

I am not a fan of any K-Pop group except for 2NE1, especially the boys. But when I saw this MV of U Kiss (of course, sa MYX), they just blew me away, far far and away! BONGGA outfits and song!

And in that same channel, I saw that they will be here in Manila. I am thinking if I can be there and see them with their Lady Gaga-ish style.
And by the way, I think U Kiss is the inspiration of the group XLR8.


innahlovestaemin said...

if you love 2ne1, shouldn't you at least like big bang?
since 2ne1 was called the girl version of big bang even before they debuted.

joeward said...

but i don't like their songs.aahahah.and i don't like their hip-hop-ish style.unlike U Kiss.ehehe

STARR said...

god they're all so pretty haha

joeward said...

@starr yes!and i really love their style.and yeah, they're all cute! :]