March 16, 2010


BONGGA! When I first saw this video, I thought they were Korean,but when the lyrics of the song (sa MYX ko sya napanuod) popped up, I was so surprised that it was Tagalog/Filipino. They are actually Filipino boy,not boy band, but a boy pop group. Whatever you call them. They are the XLR8! And I don't know what's the meaning of that group name, just Google it yourself. All I know is that I want the Japanese-ish and the American-ish guys. AY! Hahahaha

Kabog ang K-Pop.AY!Hindi pala masyado.hahahaha


innahlovestaemin said...

the group name is pronounce as accelerate.

joeward said...

oh i see. so they're following 2NE1,like pronouncing it as "to any one" or just 21. thanks to that info. :]