March 17, 2010

Happy 21st Apple, Happy 20th Cyntch!

It was a very tiring but super uber fun double birthday celebration day! But it would be way way much better if Steph and Donn were there. Today (March 17) is the birthday of Apple and since we will not be meeting each other on March 25 which is the birthday of Cynthia, they decided to celebrate it together at same day! We went to SM North at 1:30pm since we waited for the others. We had our lunch at 2:00pm! We ate at Tokyo Cafe at SM North The Block.
In all fairness! Hindi naman nila kami tinipid! Hahahah.

After that sumptuous meal, we decided to play BOWLING!At first, I really don't like the idea of bowling. I thought it's tiring because the ball is so heavy and I thought just throwing that ball is so boring. But when we tried it, all those thoughts were so gone! I actually had F-U-N!
As you can see, I was really having a good time throwing that ball to have a strike! Hahahaha. I am telling you, BOWLING is like the best thing next to LOVE. AY! Hahahaha. But it was really tiring as well.

And they have these weird shoes that they require to be worn when playing. And they were renting it for 30 Pesos!
Here I am,wearing that shoes. But actually, I was kinda liking it! Hahaha

We had a fight, the losers will treat the winners. And guess what! Our team lose the game!

We treated them at Red Ribbon where we bought the two birthday celebrants their cakes!Maiba naman, cake! Hahahahaha

Happy Birthday Apple and advance Happy Birthday Cynthia!Hahahaahha

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