March 20, 2010

The 13 Ugliest Shoes in the World

So this is the list of "The 13 Ugliest Shoes in the World".

This is from #13 to #1 which is the "UGLIEST".
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13. "Terra Incognita" Booties
12. Sperry Top-Sider-inspired heels by Derek Lam
11. A Tie: Beaded Sandals/Flag Booties from Guiseppe Zanotti.
10. Fringed Zebra Boots
9. Pink Strappy Oxford
8. The "Faux Leather Thong Knee Height Sandal Boot"
7. Uggs and The Ugg-Like
6. The Floral Slouch Clog.
5. Commes Des Garçons Toe Shoes
4. Dior Idol Heels
3. Vibram Five Finger Spirit
2. Pad Slippers
1. Elephant Dung Shoes

I think they forgot to put Crocs in the list. Vibram Five Finger Spirit is really scary. I don't know, but it looks like a foot of a creature that lives in the forest. Pad slippers are also a big JOKE!I don't know who will wear that outside. But I think Terra Incognita Booties are OK and the clog. I think some people can pull it off. And Elephant Dung shoes are like insane! Uhhhh!

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