March 22, 2010

Friendship Day = FUN

We did ice skating and the official sports of us, BOWLING. We had our meet up at Donn's dorm at 9am, we left the dorm at almost 10am, then we arrived at SM Mall of Asia at 11am. When we arrived at MOA, we looked for a place to eat, and we chose Sizzlin' Pepper Steak.
After that yummy lunch, we looked for our purpose, the Ice Skating Rink. I was actually nervous because I don't have any experiences in roller blades and ice skating.But I really like the idea of ice skating. For me, it's fantastical. Anyway, Apple was may tutor and mentor. And Donn as my ice-ball-throw-enemy.
DSC03199 DSC03197
And after many stumbles and falls, I learned how to ice skate! And I am so loving it!
DSC03210 DSC03206
You better work those skates, gurls!

After that heart-pounding ice skating lessons, we searched for our next purpose, the sports that we are so loving right now, BOWLING. And of course, we found it! But before that, we were so tired and hungry because of ice skating, so we ate at Crepes and Creams. Bowling is like our sports right now. As in we are loving it these days.
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We had two games and two different groups. And yeah, my group was always winning! Hahahaha. I am so loving bowling so much! Hahaha
And so as this photo...
Thank you Donn! He was so generous, he treated us in ice skating and the 1st round of our bowling "tournament". Love you honn! :]]]