January 27, 2010

UST Mr. and Ms. Eng'g Personality 2010

Remember my blog about Mr. and Ms. ChES 2010?CLICK HERE. The winners of that pageant will represent the Chemical Eng'g department for Mr. and Ms. Eng'g Personality 2010. Donn and Noelle won the titles but unfortunately, because both of them are graduating students, they didn't allow to join the pageant to represent the ChE department. You know, rules. And because of that, Oscar and Jaella will represent the department.

Oscar Miralles and Jaella Alarva.
Of course, I am so rooting for both of them. GO ChE! :]

And yeah, besides Oscar and Jaella, I have other bets. I just like them because they're appealing to me. Esp the male contestants.

Mr. Mechanical Eng'g and Mr. Info. Tech.
Fine, fine, fine. I crush them! Hahahahaha

And for the female contestants

Ms. Info. Systems and Ms. Computer Science

-January 30, 2010 (Saturday)
-Education Auditorium (5-9PM)

-February 13, 2010 (Saturday)
-Medicine Auditorium (5-9PM)

And we will be there to support Oscar and Jaella, and others. Hahaha.
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betz said...

wow, they are all gorgeous.


joeward said...

yup!they really are. :]

stephanie jacinto said...

you have to see mr.IT in person!! define mesmerizing.. hahaha!