November 30, 2009

Mr. and Ms. ChES 2010 Experience!

First and for most, it was Mr. and Ms. ChES 2010 and not 2009. Hahaha. Sorry naman! Anyway, the day was Saturday, Nov. 28,2009 and I am telling you, that day was one of the happiest, most fun, most exciting, most surprising and all of the best feelings of our lives. WOW! Seriously, up to now, I still feel what I felt that night, but not that much, just a bit. Hahaha.

You wanna know why it was exciting? Before the pageant started, Donn had his hyperventilation. When he said that he was feeling dizzy and he cannot move his fingers, I knew it will be his hyperventilation. And it was, his lips was also uncontrollable. I admit, at first I was so nervous I thought he'll be quitting that pageant. But I remembered that when he was having that hyperventilation thing, he just need some cool air and just relax and after a few minutes, he'll be back to normal. After doing that, he came back to normal and we were all relieved.

Another thing that made that pageant an exciting one, Ali and the two candidates from 4th year were late. The plan was to start the pageant even without them. Meaning, they will be disqualified in Creative/Theme Wear part. Of course, we didn't want that to happen so 4th year people talked to the organizers to wait for them because it was not the candidates' faults why they were late. Ali came super late but the two 4th year candidates were super duper late. Good thing the organizers decided that they will not start until the candidates were complete.

So, first part of the pageant was the Creative/Theme Wear competition. I must say, every candidate was prepared and they really gave efforts for their creative wear. But of course, the tandem of Donn and Ali was still the best. Define Theme Wear!

And yeah, they both bagged the Best in Creative Wear for Male and Female. We deserved that award because those costumes were made by our section, the whole class. Each and every 5ChEA person gave an effort for that costume. And that's why it was the Best Creative Wear, for both Male and Female. Kitang kita naman o!

Next was the Casual Wear competition and there was also a casual interview. Actually, I was waiting for that casual interview because I wanna know how Ali and Donn will answer those casual interview questions. They did great and I liked Ali's answer because she didn't show any tensions when answering the hosts. Look o!They look stunning as well.

And again, Donn got the Best in Casual Wear for Male. For Female, it was the 2nd year,Jaela Alarva. I know why Donn got that award. Because of his dancing ability. Hahaha. After their Casual Wear walk, they had a production number which was also a part of judging. He was the only one who was dancing. Ooopss. Hahahaha.

With his giggly lips and teeth!He got the 10% of the criteria. Yeah! Nice one Donn!

And then Formal Wear. Donn and Ali didn't get that award but they were stunning and look divine together with those masks.

But Noewee got it and the 1st year that I crush. Hahaha. He was actually my bet next to Donn. Hahaha.

This is the list Special-Awards-goes-to thing . I didn't know their names but I'll try to enumerate them. Ok?!

Mr. Popular - Donn Hizon
Ms. Popular - Ali Raz
Best in Creative Wear Male- Donn Hizon
Best in Creative Wear Female - Ali Raz

Mr. Congeniality - Donn Hizon
Ms. Congeniality - Lanie Magno

Best in Casual Wear Male- Donn Hizon
Best in Casual Wear Female - Jaela Alarva

Best in Formal Wear Male- Oscar Miralles
Best in Formal Wear Female - Noelle Anonuevo

The Top 5 finalists for Male and Female was then announced.

Question and answer, the last part of the competition. Noelle and Ali did a great job but Donn, at first he had a mental-block-q&a-syndrome. Hahaha. Aminin mo yan Donndy! Hahahaha. There was silence, quite moments, and after absorbing the forces of the earth, he answered the question so good. He got back! I was so nervous for him. I have to admit, that time, I thought that if Oscar, the first runner up, my crush, ay, hahahaha, will answer the Q&A so well, he will be the Mr. ChES. But he didn't. After he answered, I said to myself, CONGRATULATIONS Donn! Hahahaha. And I was so right, Donn got the title of Mr. ChES 2010. With Noewee and Ali, their answers were so good but I must say, Noewee really answered it with confidence and all. And she won the title of Ms. ChES 2010.

Mr. ChES 2010 Donn Angelo Hizon and Ms. ChES 2010 Noelle Anonuevo

1st Runner Up Mr. ChES 2010 Oscar Miralles and 1st Runner Up Ms. ChES 2010 Ali Raz

2nd Runner Up Mr. ChES 2010 Glenn Garcia and 2nd Runner Up Ms. ChES 2010 Jaela Alarva

And I love the "Donn-Ali, Donn-Ali Go" cheer that was made by the boys and girls of our section, 5ChEA. That night was so fantastical, magical, emotional and really great. All of our stress and efforts really paid off. Kudos to the 3rd year ChE people who were the organizers,ChES Family, batch 2010,to all the winners esp to Donn, Noewee,Ali and Andrew who was a finalist, and of course to my 5ChEA FAMILY!We all did a great job!This one is another wonderful experience for us 5ChEA,next to our retreat-life-changing-experience. Aaminin ko yan ng BONGGANG BONGGA! :]

photos were taken by Stephanie Jacinto, Sir George Chao and me (but from steph and donn's cam)

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