November 7, 2009

People of the Philippines: SINGLE

Jaja and I went to Eastwood City Libis to partey at Manor but unfortunately, males should be wearing closed shoes, and I was wearing WHITE GLADIATOR SANDALS so the bouncers didn't let us in. Oooopppss. Hahahahah

I was so disappointed because I really want to partey that night.Good thing, tootoot was there, Jaja and I had the ultimate challenge of our lives. Hahahaha. I'm not gonna mention who's that tootoot, it's a private thing. Hahahaha. All I can say is that I just wish I had his autograph. Ooooops. ahahahah

I also met Jaja's friend,Jeeno. He's nice and cute. :]

I still enjoyed the night with Ja. After all, we're still HOT, FAB and SINGLE! :]
Miss you Ja. :]

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